Get your passport photo taken in Swindon.

We'll take and print your photo for any Visa, ID or Passport application


You can come to us or we can come to you.

Passport photo examples (left to right) for: The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia and India

Wheelchair friendly

Babies & children welcome

How it works

  1. Call us on
    01793 512 432 & book an appointment

  2. Come to our studio on the day of your appointment
    or we'll come to you if you've requested it

  3. We will:

    • Take your photo
      in a well-lit studio against a professional background (white, light grey or any colour as required)

    • Print multiple photos
      in the exact size as required for your Passport, Visa or ID application.

Baby Passport Photography Service

Taking a baby passport photo isn't easy - after all, they're too small for a photo booth!

We’re experienced in taking quality, compliant passport photos of babies, toddlers and children, so you’re in expert hands with us. We'll ensure everything is taken care of, so you can get a top quality passport photo for your child. There’s free parking too, for your convenience.

Passport, Visa & ID Photography

All World Formats, Guaranteed

Stamp-like illustration of planet earth, surrounded by the words 'All World Formats. Guaranteed Approval.'
All Countries Supported

We offer easy Passport, Visa & ID photos for all countries. We'll take and print your photos, Swindon based.

Guaranteed Approval

The photos will be printed in your country's size and specification, so they will be approved.

Each country has specific photo requirements, so we take extra care to make sure yours is perfectly compliant with your country's photo regulations. We take into account the background colour, camera distance, biometrics and lighting to make sure you get a great photo for your application.

Most Requested Countries

Our customers come from a range of countries, so we make sure they get the right photo.

Here are our most popular sizes:


Photo Size (mm)

Official Specifications

United Kingdom

35 x 45


50 x 70

United States

51 x 51


51 x 51


35-40 x 45-50

All countries supported

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

This varies depending on your needs. All countries have specific individual requirements, so call us for a price.

What material are the photos printed on?

All photos are printed on high quality photo paper on a specialised printer.

What if I wear glasses?

That's fine - we'll make sure there's no reflection by carefully positioning the camera and lighting.

How long will the studio session take?

It should take no longer than 20 minutes for you to walk away with your photos in hand.

Can you come to me?

Yes - we can come to you for a small fee.

Can I come to the studio without an appointment?

No - you'll need to call and arrange an appointment first.

Call us today to book an appointment

01793 512 432

Please book your appointment before arriving.

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